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Know About the Latest Ketubah Designs

Cultures and customs play an important role in marriage. It’s the tradition that adds more meaning to a wedding. If you are Jewish, no one can understand the significance of ketubah better than you, right? You would know that ketubah is not just a piece of paper, but it is actually a marriage contract that the groom gives to his bride during the wedding. The text of Jewish wedding ketubah outlines those things that a man, as a husband, should do for his wife. It is also said that the couple that does not have a ketubah is prohibited from living together.


However, finding the right ketubah is harder than finding the right life partner. Even if you are the most organized person on this planet, you would be overwhelmed by the buying process. But, not anymore, we have found out the latest ketubah designs that will help you pick the right ketubah for your big day.

Eternal Jerusalem Traditional Ketubah: If you want to add a tint of tradition and history, you can pick this design. This ketubah has images of gorgeous Jerusalem culture and city and believe us you are going to fall in love with this design.

Fill in Ketubah: If you have a tight budget, you can buy fill in ketubah that is not just inexpensive but is also very beautiful.

Two hearts in one Ketubah: If you like art and want to have a marriage contract that is also a stunning piece of art, without a second thought, you should buy this design.

Nestled blue tone Ketubah: If you are planning a seaside destination wedding, a nestled ketubah with a blue tone will be a perfect fit.

For more amazing ketubah designs, you can contact Danny Azoulay. He is well-known for designing perfect ketubah by combining traditional and modern media. He creates timeless paper cut ketubah that are embellished with 24 karat gold leaf. To give a personal touch, Danny Azoulay signs and puts the date on the ketubah. You can check his official website to select the best ketubah from categories like pastel, traditional, blues, contemporary, and popular. You can also select the text that you like as you will get so many options on the website. If you want to know more about the designs or text, you can call at 97229924202 or drop an e-mail at Azoulayart@bezeqint.net.

About Danny Azoulay:

Danny Azoulay is a trusted artist whose platform is the perfect place to buy ketubah Jewish wedding.

For more details, visit https://ketubahazoulayart.com

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Danny Azoulay: Make Your Wedding Memorable with Beautifully Crafted Ketubahs

In every Jewish wedding, Ketubah plays a significant role in creating a memorable wedding. Though it is just a piece of documentation, it holds an essence that cannot be replaced. With changing times, a lot of uniquely designed Ketubahs have come into place which has simply left people stunned! A Jerusalem based artist with profound knowledge about ketubah, Danny Azoulay sees art as God’s creation and believes in its divine power that can transform lives for better. His innate talent and extreme knowledge of art are what make him one of the finest Ketubah artists across the globe. Born in Morocco, Danny Azoulay is known for creating finely-crafted ketubahs that are a combination of the modern and the traditional. A recipient of Rosenthal prize, his love for designing ketubahs is what drives him towards creating ketubahs that are exceptional pieces of art as well as a representation of culture.


Danny Azoulay solely believes in bringing a surprise element in his work and makes sure that the ketubahs he designs satisfy his clients. This is what helped him design each Ketubah with vibrant colors, design, and love. No matter what kind of ketubah you would like to have, he can offer you a wide range of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. From golden sapphire, blue diamond and to the Jerusalem vineyards, these ketubahs offer an elegant look intricate with floral motifs. You can even have a ketubah customized for you. To have a wonderful Ketubah for your Jewish wedding, just pick the ketubah design and text you like, fill the personalized form and there you go!

Danny Azoulay is extremely famous for paper-cut ketubot that are a synthesis of the timeless beauty of tradition and creativity. A modern-day method of lithography, the paper-cuts are of acid-free paper embellished with 24 Karat Gold Leaf. A lot of people have bought paper-cut Ketubahs and years later, they still reminisce about their wedding days by looking at the paper-cut ketubahs of Danny Azoulay.

To make your Jewish wedding happening, you can also visit their official website and read a lot of blogs on the significance of Jewish weddings and choosing the right Ketubah designs. So, what are you waiting for? Join your hands with Danny Azoulay and make your Jewish wedding memorable with finely-crafted Ketubahs.

For more details, visit https://ketubahazoulayart.com

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Make Sure Your Jewish Wedding is Complete with the Perfect Ketubah

Marriage is a very pious bond. When two people dedicate their whole lives to each other and take vows to be together in sickness and health, it is nothing short of a fairytale. If you are getting married any time soon, you must have started with the preparations and bookings, haven’t you? But, did you buy ketubah? If you have forgotten about this traditional wedding ritual, then we are here to remind you of the importance of these Jewish prenuptial agreements.


As you must have already known Ketubah are agreements that are somewhat similar to what we call a prenuptial contract today. Though they hardly have any monetary value or legal forbearance, Ketubah still remain an integral part of the Jewish wedding ceremonies. And what can be better than the fact that this old tradition has not become extinct today. People use ketubah in traditional Jewish weddings and there are artists who design paper cut ketubah

If you are wondering what the use of a Ketubah is today, you should keep in mind that it is a beautiful display of traditional Jewish culture and something that connects you to your roots. Also, a Ketubah can be always kept in your house as a fond memory of the day that you and your partner entered a new phase of your life by uniting in holy matrimony. Your children will surely feel connected with the culture when they see and understand the emotional and cultural value a Ketubah holds. It is something that you can keep as a memory of what your culture is and the day of new beginnings. 

The only thing that you should be very particular about is that the Ketubah should be sourced from reliable sources. To get the best hand-made ketubah for your wedding, you should get in touch with Danny Azoulay. Danny, who is a Jerusalem based artist, can provide you with the best ketubah. And the best thing about his ketubah is that they are a perfect blend of the modern with the traditional. So, make your marriage all the more memorable with perfect hand-made ketubah on the finest quality acid-free paper that comes with a 24 karat gold leaf embellishment.

About Danny Azoulay:

Danny Azoulay is a famous ketubah artist who runs an online portal from where you can buy the best ketubahs.

To know more, visit https://ketubahazoulayart.com

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Danny Azoulay: Glorify Your Jewish Wedding with Beautifully Designed Ketubahs

Wedding is the most auspicious occasion which binds two people for a lifetime. Every religion holds a special ritual which makes the wedding even more wonderful. Originated from Israel, Jewish people believe that marriage is the reflection of culture, beauty and purity which will always be cherished for generations to come. What makes Jewish marriage even more special is their age-old traditional symbol-Ketubah. Ketubah or we can say Jewish wedding contract is an important element of Jewish marriage which is subtly decorated with borders, flowers along with golden illumination. The timeless beauty of Ketubah has not faded even after 2,500 years and still holds a significant place during the oath ceremony. If you want to rejoice the Jewish’s rich cultural heritage then obtaining Ketubah from Danny Azoulay will grace your marriage life in the years to come. An acclaimed Jerusalem artist, Danny Azoulay knows how finely-designed ketubahs can contribute to Jewish marriages. Thus, he started blending modern and traditional art forms for designing the best kind of Ketubahs in the newest way.

A Bezalel graduate and Rosenthel prize winner, Danny Azoulay implements a diverse range of innovative ideas on his 24 karat gold leaf and acid-free paper. All the Ketubahs designed by Danny Azoulay are numbered, dated and signed by him that truly shows how authentic his Ketubahs are. The paper-cut designs of Ketubahs are synthesized from contemporary designs and ideas which elevate the beauty of ketubahs to the whole new level. If you are an ardent lover of blue and want to have Ketubah in azure color like sky then Danny Azoulay let you have remarkably designed silver garden Ketubah inscribed with beautiful Aramaic texts. The silver design garden proffered by Danny Azoulay depicts nature’s bounty which gives a spectacular visual treat to the people.

All you have to do is to visit the official website of Danny Azoulay, choose your desired ketubot layout and text and get your Ketubah at an earliest. A lot of couples have acquired their Ketubah and were pleased to receive it timely. With their vast-range of modern texts and designs, the Ketubahs of Danny Azoulay will surely be more unique and individualized. So, get in touch with Danny Azoulay and add cherry-on-top to your dreamy Jewish wedding with amazing Ketubahs! Do contact him today to grab the most beautiful ketubahs.

For more details, visit https://ketubahazoulayart.com/

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Glitz up Your Wedding with Specially Designed Ketubah

Wedding is the most important ceremony in anyone’s life. Binding the couple for ages, everyone knows the significance of the wedding. As there are various cultures, therefore, each culture has its own style of wedding and rituals giving importance to some or other thing. A Jewish wedding is a glamorous ceremony that has a wedding canopy, ring, breaking of glass; but most importantly, the wedding is performed by signing a marriage contract called Ketubah. A Ketubah is a quite popular ritual in Jewish wedding and its significance can be traced back to the old days. A ketubah is actually an agreement signed by the groom along with two witnesses and then the groom is required to present this Ketubah to his bride on the wedding day. Though the tradition Ketubah has witnessed many changes in its design and text but still the essence of tradition is still maintained. Crafted in matchless shapes, colors, patterns and texts, Ketubahs is in the home of every Jewish married couple irrespective of geographical boundaries and social status.

Today, there are various splendid artists who deliver gorgeous Ketubah so that you can make your big day even more beautiful. As Ketubah is a public display hence, you would want the physical and creative manifestation of your marriage to be as beautiful as it can be. So, if you are tying a knot in Jewish ritual ceremony then you can select the best paper cut Ketubah out of these available options:

· Shades of blue

· Pastels

· Contemporary

· Colorful

· Traditional

Calligraphed with gorgeous texts and mesmerizing paper cut designs, Ketubah grips the eye of its beholder. Along with text and patterns, you can even customize the timeless art beauty with symbols and ornamental details that will be cherished by generations.

So, if you are also looking for attention-grabbing Ketubah, then you can simply order one with Danny Azoulay. Danny Azoulay is a Jewish artist who helps the couples in making their wedding ceremony memorable by combining modern and traditional art. This eminent Jerusalem artist enhances the look of Ketubah by embedding 24 karat gold leaves. Using the acid-free paper, Danny Azoulay crafts the Ketubah by the giclee method and signs each of the timeless art pieces making it a limited edition. To know more about the significance and designs of Ketubah, you can visit their official website and can scroll the blog section.

About Danny Azoulay:

Danny Azoulay is a high-flying platform which offers various designs for you to buy Ketubah.

For more details, visit https://www.ketubahazoulayart.com/

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Add Cherry on Top of Your Wedding with Beautifully Designed Ketubah

Ketubah holds a deeper meaning in Jewish marriages. It is a central part in the Jewish marriage ceremonies which binds bride and groom closely. Crafted with unique shapes and patterns, the art of Ketubah is something which is truly incomparable! The decoration of Ketubah adds kind a beauty and charm to the legal document of marriage. Even a star-studded Jewish wedding is incomplete without exquisitely designed Ketubah. There are a number of creative artists who are known for embellishing Ketubahs, which areadorned with beautiful texts and unique designs. All these Ketubahs are inspired by supreme creativity and timeless magnificence of tradition. If you are tying knot in a Jewish wedding ceremony then you are highly recommended to get a Ketubah crafted with the best kind of designs to make your wedding even more memorable.

The Ketubah are fabricated by 24 karat gold leaf coupled with ornamental and symbolic details. These Ketubahs look so stunning that it will definitely leave you awestruck for the years to come. They are designed with a range of themes, thus giving a compelling outlook to the marriage contract. Now, you can even acquire paper cut Ketubah available in:

· Pastels

· Colorful

· Traditional

· Shades of blue

· Contemporary

A paper cut Ketubah offers a strong visual impact which beholds the sight! You not only acquire designed Ketubah but you can even choose the text that makes a Ketubah even more amazing. Yes, with their enormous range of texts and varied shapes, it will simply take you to the cloud nine! The texts are carefully inked leaving no space or lighting behind.

If you are searching for a platform that can deliver you one-of-a-kind Ketubah then look no further than Danny Azoulay. He is an internationally acclaimed artist who is specialized in designing diverse range of Ketubah with precise detailing. He is a well-known Jerusalem artist who is always receptive to new ideas yet strict to the traditional roots. He is profoundly known for blending architectural and artistic elements of New Africa, Europe and Mid-East which can enhance the aesthetic beauty of a Jewish marriage. You can also visit their official website and get to see a myriad of Ketubah designs and texts which are indeed marvelous.

About Danny Azoulay:

Danny Azoulay is a renowned platform where you can buy Ketubah of eye-catching designs.

For more details, visit https://www.ketubahazoulayart.com/

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Choose the Finest Ketubah for Your Wedding

A wedding is one of the most precious and beautiful moments of every individual’s life. No matter what kind of wedding custom you have chosen to follow, you must have to manage everything properly so as to make that day memorable. Right from invitation cards to the wedding venue, you have to be concerned about each and every aspect related to your wedding. If it is about a Jewish wedding, then the most essential thing which you should consider is choosing an appropriate ketubah. It is important part of the Jewish wedding which represents the responsibilities and rights of the groom, related to the bride. Seeing the worth of this aspect, you have to be careful while choosing this marriage contract or ketubah.

You need to decide your requirements and choices related to the ketubah and accordingly select the best one for your wedding. First of all, you need to decide your budget for the buying ketubah. Make sure that you do not compromise the quality over the budget. Buy ketubah that fits your budget and looks absolutely stunning. Besides this, you have to choose the design wisely. There is a vast range of styles and designs for ketubah including traditional and modern. It will be better if the design is unique and attractive. The only way to get unique ketubah is by consulting a renowned artist about your customized ketubah requirements. You can customize the ketubah as per the design, color, and text you require. Again, the text is a vital aspect of any ketubah as it describes important points related to your marriage. Thus, ensure to select appropriate text to be printed on ketubah. The quality of ketubah also depends on the time frame in which you want to get it. It is wise to book an order for ketubah in advance in order to get the finest quality of work.

Selecting a good artist for designing your ketubah also matters the most. To have an absolutely astonishing wedding ketubah, you must go for Danny Azoulay. He is an applauded and brilliant artist who has exceptional skills for designing attractive and fine-quality Ketubahs. Danny Azoulay is an expert in both modern and traditional ketubah designs. He has acquired immense knowledge for designing various types of Ketubahs as per the customer’s requirements. No matter what your requirement for Ketubah is, he can meet all your needs precisely.

About Danny Azoulay:

Danny Azoulay is one of the prominent artists designing remarkable and unique paper cut ketubah.

For more details, visit https://www.ketubahazoulayart.com/