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Danny Azoulay: Glorify Your Jewish Wedding with Beautifully Designed Ketubahs

Wedding is the most auspicious occasion which binds two people for a lifetime. Every religion holds a special ritual which makes the wedding even more wonderful. Originated from Israel, Jewish people believe that marriage is the reflection of culture, beauty and purity which will always be cherished for generations to come. What makes Jewish marriage even more special is their age-old traditional symbol-Ketubah. Ketubah or we can say Jewish wedding contract is an important element of Jewish marriage which is subtly decorated with borders, flowers along with golden illumination. The timeless beauty of Ketubah has not faded even after 2,500 years and still holds a significant place during the oath ceremony. If you want to rejoice the Jewish’s rich cultural heritage then obtaining Ketubah from Danny Azoulay will grace your marriage life in the years to come. An acclaimed Jerusalem artist, Danny Azoulay knows how finely-designed ketubahs can contribute to Jewish marriages. Thus, he started blending modern and traditional art forms for designing the best kind of Ketubahs in the newest way.

A Bezalel graduate and Rosenthel prize winner, Danny Azoulay implements a diverse range of innovative ideas on his 24 karat gold leaf and acid-free paper. All the Ketubahs designed by Danny Azoulay are numbered, dated and signed by him that truly shows how authentic his Ketubahs are. The paper-cut designs of Ketubahs are synthesized from contemporary designs and ideas which elevate the beauty of ketubahs to the whole new level. If you are an ardent lover of blue and want to have Ketubah in azure color like sky then Danny Azoulay let you have remarkably designed silver garden Ketubah inscribed with beautiful Aramaic texts. The silver design garden proffered by Danny Azoulay depicts nature’s bounty which gives a spectacular visual treat to the people.

All you have to do is to visit the official website of Danny Azoulay, choose your desired ketubot layout and text and get your Ketubah at an earliest. A lot of couples have acquired their Ketubah and were pleased to receive it timely. With their vast-range of modern texts and designs, the Ketubahs of Danny Azoulay will surely be more unique and individualized. So, get in touch with Danny Azoulay and add cherry-on-top to your dreamy Jewish wedding with amazing Ketubahs! Do contact him today to grab the most beautiful ketubahs.

For more details, visit https://ketubahazoulayart.com/

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